"Meeting a Lifetime of Needs"

The Illinois Disability Pooled Trust  
Serving over 1400 clients in the past 18 years
and still going strong! 
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The Illinois Disability Association serves as co-trustee with The PrivateBank of the Illinois Disability Pooled Trust (IDPT). The IDPT serves as trustee of both self-funded special needs trusts (for example, when the person with disabilities receives funds through a personal injury suit, medical malpractice suit, or inheritance) and also third-party-funded special needs trusts (for example, a parent funding a trust for a child with disabilities.)

Special needs trusts exist to enhance the quality of life of the person with disabilities through trust disbursements that supplement government benefits. The IDPT is dedicated to maximizing the public and private resources available to individuals with disabilities during their lifetimes and thereby affords individuals with disabilities the greatest dignity of all, the ability to meet their needs.  


Illinois Disability Pooled Trust
P: 312-332-4622 | F: 312-332-4623



Contact Information for Private Bank:
Illinois Disability Pooled Trust
c/o The PrivateBank and Trust Company
120 S. LaSalle Street, 7th Fl.
Chicago, IL 60603
P: (312)564-1470  | F: (312)564-1798
Email: pwadminservices@theprivatebank.com

The Illinois Disability Association is a not-for profit organization which serves as co-trustee with The Private Bank of the Illinois Disability Pooled Trust (IDPT).  The IDPT was established in 1998 to serve persons with disabilities throughout the state of Illinois.

Attorney Howard S. Berk, creator of the IDPT and drafter of the first court ordered self-settled special needs trust in Illinois, serves as Executive Director of the IDPT.

Support staff of the IDPT includes Susie Schultz, as well as attorneys Vida Cruz and Eileen Durkin. The IDPT team brings over 70 years of accumulated experience advocating on behalf of persons with disabilities.   

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